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We love sharing all the different groups, products, and information that relates to our French Canadian heritage. Check out the links below. If you'd like to add more information to these lists, please CONTACT US

KMG Foods Press

At KMG Foods, we want everyone to try French Canadian/Franco-American foods! These foods are vastly underrepresented, so any press we receive helps spread the word. Check out the links. Newest is at the top.

- Startup CPG Feature

- Bangor Daily News Gift Guide

- La Forum, UMaine

- Press Herald, A new recipe for tourtiere

French Canadian Legacy Podcast

"Today, there are more than 2 million descendants of French-Canadian immigrants living in New England. This is our story. Welcome to the French-Canadian Legacy Podcast." 

Listen to the KMG Foods episode.

You can also find the podcast on their Facebook page.


Here is a list of events in New England that offer opportunity to check out our food and culture. Check them out below. The ones in bold are attended/have been attended by KMG Foods. If there are others, please contact us to add to our list!

1. Poutinefest

2. Fryeburg Fair

3. La Kermesse

4. The Big "E"

5. The Market at the French Library, Boston MA


Here is a list of groups promoting French Canadian/Franco-American culture.

1. Franco-American Center. Based in Manchester, NH

2. Gendron Franco Center. Based in Lewiston, ME

3. Franco American Center. Based at UMaine in Bangor. They also publish Le Forum. KMG Foods was included as well--find us on page 5!

Blogs and Channels

There are so many amazing food blogs that showcase French Canadian/Franco-American foods. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Franco Foods

2. MTL Blog

3. Moderne Francos

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