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Hello everyone! I'm Kristen Gagné, founder of KMG Foods®. I was born and raised in Maine. I'm a third generation American with both sides of my family from Quebec. Growing up, French names for everyday items were the norm and still are for our family. I have had mémères and ma tantes, and all the delicious food we grew up enjoying!


One of those foods is called tourtière. It's a meat pie traditionally eaten during the winter and holiday season. While delicious, and a labor of love for many, it is VERY time consuming. One day, my sister told me she wasn't able to make it for her family as she didn't have the time. I couldn’t have my nephews growing up without it, so I looked online to find a seasoning mix to make it easier and faster for her. There wasn’t one


Fast forward to today. KMG Foods has created the first complete dried seasoning mix for tourtière--potatoes, onions, (yes! the potatoes and onions are in it!) and spices. Prep has been cut from over 2 hours to just 25 minutes. If you can brown meat, you can make our tourtière!


Our seasoning mix is gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan friendly (delicious with meat alternatives!).


We are planning additional Franco-American products, too! We can't wait to share them with you! This business all started by accident, but has been the happiest one. Seeing our humble food traditions spreading their wings has been such a gift.


Please, share your photos and stories with us, too! Find us on TikTokFacebook and Instagram. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs. If you need more information, contact us anytime. We love growing our KMG Foods family! Thank you for having us at your table.

KMG Foods® is a registered Maine business.

We are woman-owned and family-operated.

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