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    How many tourtiÈres does your product make?

    One package of Tukkay Original Blend makes one tourtière. Our product is not a spice blend but instead a seasoning mix containing potato, onion, and spices.

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    Your instructions say to use 1.5 lbs of meat, but would it be okay with more?

    You could use up to 2 lbs of meat, but if you use one packet for more than 2 lbs, the flavor will be bland and the filling won't set up properly.

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    Is your product gluten-free?

    Yes! Tukkay Original Blend is gluten-free. 

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    I don't eat red meat anymore, but I miss tourtiÈre! Do you have any suggestions?

    Yes! Our product tastes great with ground turkey or even vegetarian options such as roasted vegetables, hearty grains, or meat substitutes. Check our Recipes page for more information.

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    Where can I buy Tukkay original Blend?

    Check out our Find Us page for all links to where you can buy our mix.

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    Do I need to add any salt or pepper to the tourtiÈre filling?

    You shouldn't need to as those are included in the mix. However, check for seasoning after simmering to gauge if you need any additional salt or pepper.

    Definitely don't add any extra at the beginning during browning as we've heard the filling can become too salty.

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    Where did Tukkay Original Blend begin?

    Our Founder, Kristen Gagné, was born and raised in Maine in a Franco-American family eating tourtière every Christmas and during those cold Maine winter nights. She developed the recipe with the idea that dried ingredients would make this pie faster to make without sacrificing flavor. Mission accomplished!

    She found a co-packer, Vanns Spices, to manufacture the product. Vanns Spices upholds the highest levels of food safety and standards. They have received the highest ratings in all categories.

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