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French-Canadian Inspired Seasoning Blends
KMG Foods is bringing our heart to your home with our Tukkay Original Blend, tourtière seasoning mix. Tourtière is a meat pie that many French Canadians and Franco-Americans make during the winter and holiday season. The name Tukkay is how our Franco-American family pronounces tourtière and is the inspiration behind the name of this product. Our meal mix produces one pie and is ready for the oven in only 25 minutes!  It's tourtière made easier...but as always, delicious
Our second product, Bean Supper Blend creates Franco-American style baked beans iconic for their maple sugar, molasses, mustard, and onions--just add your beans and salt pork (omit for vegetarian beans). **At this time, Bean Supper Blend is out of stock.**
Check out our product offerings below!
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