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Tukkay Original Blend is a scrumptious foundation for a terrific tourtière, but check out a few tips for home cooks who like to color outside the lines.

If you are interested in trying Tukkay Original Blend in other recipes, check out our Tukkay Original Recipes for ideas and inspiration!

Tip #1:

Homemade Pie Crust

Refrigerator pie crusts have come a long way (Trader Joe's, and Pillsbury (the red box) are our recommended store-bought crusts), but if you are interested in making your own from scratch, check out one of our favorite recipes.

Tip #2:

Change up the Liquid

Instead of water, try using your favorite stock or malty beer to add even more flavor.

Tip #3:

Brush on an Egg Wash

Pie is wonderful but the drool factor really increases when the crust is shiny and golden brown. You need an egg-wash for that. There are options with egg wash but try this one: whisk one egg with 2 tablespoons of water and brush the mixture over the entire top of the pie crust before you bake it (don't forget the edges!)

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